Relaxing by the Red River on a Beautiful Day

The Red River taken by the Moorhead, MN riverside on Saturday, May 5, 2012.

Hopefully this will not jinx Fargo/Moorhead next spring, but hooray for there not being a flood this year!

I took the photo above on a walk the other day. A few reasons why I love North Dakota is that there are four seasons, and I do appreciate when it’s sunny and only 30-40 degrees. After hibernating all winter, the value of being in nature and having nice weather goes to the top of the list for us North Dakotans.

This walk took me over mini bridges, frolf courses and parks. The view on the Moorhead riverside is foreign to me, because I’m usually running on the Fargo side by Island Park. My apartment complex is in Fargo and close to the river, so it’s very nice having a bike path nearby.

The Red River is one of the best places to people watch, exercise and spend time with friends. Several people are fishing on the weekends and every once in a while you’ll see kayakers. In the Island Park vicinity, you will find many people walking, running and biking on the trail. A few times a week, there will be a farmers market. It makes a person appreciate the simple things in life when there is a beautiful and warm sunny day, especially after a long winter.

The Red River water definitely doesn’t look the cleanest, but the best part about being by the river is sitting, relaxing and watching the water move over the large rocks. On my walk, I stopped to think about how I will be graduating in three days, and how everything is up to me. I won’t have a school structure a part of my life unless I go to grad school. Graduating college is also an exciting time, where I can venture out and discover what exactly I’m supposed contribute to the world. Staying positive and hungry for knowledge is key…that’s for sure.


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